KFP 2020

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    By Invitations only
  • Start Date

    Jan 26 - Feb 3, 2020
  • Location

    New Delhi, India
  • Speakers

    Professional and Academic

About the Event

As the global power axis shifts from Pacific-Atlantic to Indo-Pacific, India is today evolving as a major power with an important voice on global issues. At this critical juncture, young scholars, academics and professionals around the world are keen to better understand the important features of India’s public and foreign policy.

In response to this strong global interest, India Foundation, in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, is announcing the Kautilya Fellows Programme (KFP) in February 2019. KFP is a unique and comprehensive 10-day workshop on India’s Foreign Policy and Public Policy. It includes a visit to Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj which is the largest religious congregation on earth.The curriculum of KFP is well rounded to cover major thematic issues and strategic bilateral relationships in India’s foreign policy, understand India’s public institutions and their role in shaping India’s political economy and society.

This event will bring together as participants, researchers, academicians and enthusiasts from across India, India’s neighbouring countries and from key partner nations.These sessions will be addressed by senior practitioners and thought leaders including officials of the government, national leaders, experienced diplomats, domain-specialists and ambassadors of several countries. In addition, the KFP will deploy innovative mechanisms to facilitate in-depth analysis and interaction through Field Visits, Foreign Policy Labs and Mini-Workshops on selected issues.

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FAQ Event

To register for the Programme click here. Please note that participation in the Conference is subject to the approval of the Screening Committee

Delegates are expected to bear the cost of travel and accommodation. However, limited scholarships are available. The same can be applied for while registering for the programme

To attend the full Programme, there is a fee of 350 USD and 275 USD for one module.

The same shall be made available on the first day of the programme

Yes, certificates will be provided